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Invest Diva reviews are based on what students have said publicly or privately about the education website. Services of Invest Diva include educational books, online video courses, investing groups, and webinars. Invest Diva’s CEO, Kiana Danial, also provides her education services at Baruch College in New York.

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Invest Diva Reviews on Facebook

You can read the complete list of Invest Diva reviews on our Facebook page. Here are just a few of what people have said about Invest Diva’s services:


Mystie Arnold reviewed Invest Diva5 Stars

“I am so grateful to have found Kiana! I had been “playing” around with the stock market way too long without the information or knowledge necessary to make sound, informed, responsible decisions. Making the small investment in myself and in my family’s financial future by taking her “Make Your Money Work For You Power Course” has been the BEST financial decision I have ever made- true story! The first lesson in the course blew my mind. I had never truly considered how my belief system, my mindset around money affected my life. She is extremely intelligent, sharp, and stays on top of (more like ahead of) ALL of the world’s events- economic, political, social… all of it, and analyzes it carefully and strategically.

Knowing Kiana and being a member of the Invest Diva Premium Investment Club is a dream and a lot of fun! I love her sense of humor! Whether my interest is in learning more about investing in stocks, ETFs, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, etc, Kiana covers it all. I learn so much, much more than I imagined with every Premium Investment Group live Webinar. There is so much more to investing than I initially thought. PATIENCE, trust, focus, mental toughness, strategic planning, are just a few of the many benefits, skills and characteristics I continue to grow and sharpen while working with Kiana and our investment group. There are so many factors to consider when investing- so many forces playing a part and conditions change so quickly. I can not write enough about how much I admire and trust Kiana. She and the Invest Diva Team are truly the best! Lastly, if you have ever given the slightest thought of joining an investment club, in my experience, and opinion, you can not go wrong here!”


Donna Young reviewed Invest Diva: 5 Stars

“Kiana offers sound advice in a down-to-earth, fun, and easy to understand format. It’s nice to learn and crack up at the same time because life is serious enough! Customer service is also excellent and responses are fast. Thx Invest Diva team! U all rock!”


Rohan Gupte reviewed Invest Diva: 5 Stars

“Kiana is awesome! I had no knowledge about forex but after reading Kiana’s book and following her investing group here, it made me feel so much comfortable to invest in forex following Kiana’s strategies. She gives live investing advice through webinar once every week. All her stock ideas are mind blowing and i use those for my advantage trading options on her recommended stocks. I will recommend her investing group to anyone looking for strategies for investment or trading in forex, stocks or options.”


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Invest Diva Reviews – Fan Mails

What People are Saying:

“You guys are the best and I really mean that.  You have great customer service!  I have been a big fan and follower of Invest Diva for 4 years. If it wasn’t for your company I wouldn’t have become a successful trader. Thanks!”

– Darlene Hemple


“Thank you very much for everything you have done for us at the Wealth Management Couse! You are the most noble, professional, patient, responsible and definitely the most beautiful professor I have had such honor to meet and take your class. Thank you for your book and your personal signature, I feel so proud to have it and have been showing around to my friends. Thank you for guiding my financial health in the right direction!!!”

– Scarlett (Xuxia Jiang)



“Professor Kiana, thank you again for the amazing journey at the Wealth Management course. I am so grateful for your inspiration and I want to make my career in Bank Regulatory as Compliance officer.  Following your guidance I have applied for Women Advancing in Micro Finance WAM- NY chapter as a member of the steering committee. Your course was a true inspiration for all of us at Baruch college wealth management class!”

– Brotati Das



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Invest Diva Reviews on Amazon

Invest Diva Reviews on Amazon Invest Diva Reviews on Amazon

You can read more of Invest Diva reviews on Amazon.

Invest Diva Reviews on Social Media

“I can’t wait to brag on being an Invest Diva. I learn fast and she teaches fast – perfect!” – Mike

“A big thanks to Kiana for supporting us women & for all the guidance she gives in the market!” – Anna

” I wish I had joined Invest Diva’s group earlier!” – Calvin


About Invest Diva

Invest Diva is an online financial education platform. Our goal is to guide women step-by-step and teach them the skills to manage their finances, without the need to rely on money managers. We educate our students to develop investing strategies based on their risk tolerance, and invest in a diversified portfolio to reach their long-term financial goals. We believe that no one can take care of your money better than you, and the first step is to get educated.


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