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Invest Diva, also known as Kiana Danial, grew up with very little in the midst of the Iran-Iraq war. She got a scholarship to study electrical engineering in Japan but she sucked at math and hated being the only girl in her class. She made her first profitable trade during the 2008 market crash. But things got hard after that. She learned the hard way what the boys of Wall Street don’t want you to know.

Now Kiana’s mission is to help people become financially free by creating profitable investment strategies for stocks, cryptocurrency, and forex so that they can make their money grow and change their lives.

What People are Saying

I have followed Investdiva news letters for several years and the information was invaluable to me. I have become a better trader and can attribute much of it to Kiana’s programs

Roy BrownIndependent Forex trader

I don’t make a single investing move without Kiana’s guidance! It is amazing how I only make money when Kiana has approved the strategy during our private lessons.

Melissa WardSingle Mom

HAVE YOU EVER WANTED SOMETHING SO BAD THAT YOU COULD TASTE IT? NOW YOU CAN. Come see for yourself how easy it is to become independently wealthy in the world of finance in your spare time. Learn how you can leverage your feminine skills into a money making machine. Invest Diva WILL SHOW YOU HOW WOMEN DO IT!

Talin Eshaghoff SarrafReal Estate Salesperson at Douglas Elliman

Kiana is an experienced market analyst and a gifted communicator whose book confirms what a lot of men are coming to realize; that women have an edge in trading because they understand the value of analyzing and planning before they risk their time and money.

Jay NorrisFounder, Trading University

"I got scammed by a money manager years ago.
That's why I decided to help people become THEIR OWN money manager."

- Kiana Danial, Founder of Invest Diva

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Three Reasons

Why you should learn how to manage your own investments

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1- Managed Funds Underperform

86% of managed mutual funds underperform the market average.

2- Avoid Lifetime Fees

The average household pays $150,000 in 401(k) fees over a lifetime.

3- Skip Paying Commissions

Many money managers work on broker commission, so they push you to get into trades that are not necessarily in your best interest.

Why is Invest Diva Different?

We help you invest the right way, to offset these losses.

We do NOT work on commission.

Invest Diva Provides

Online Investment & Financial Planning Education

For Individuals With $500 – $375,000 Investable Funds

Who Have Little to Zero Trading Experience

Our goal is to get you invested in a diversified portfolio of stocks, ETFs, Forex, and cryptocurrencies

We will guide you step-by-step, and teach you the skills to manage your own money like a pro.

Men and Women Welcome

Today Invest Diva has more male students than ever and has helped thousands of investing enthusiasts with absolutely no prior financial education make money from the convenience of their homes.

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